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Wine Tour

3 hours, including travel, tours, tastings and lunch.

$75 per person, all inclusive.
$25 per young person (under 16)
Free per toddler (under 5)

One of the big secrets in the wine world is how unbelievable the wine business has grown around San Miguel de Allende. Being such a creative and fertile area,  these vineyards all have their own personality, each one stunning, moving and unique. The region is very similar in climate and terrain as Northern California, and the drives are lovely. Trouble is, it’s a challenge to get out to them. Mexican roads aren’t well marked, drivers are, shall we say, impulsive, gas and rentals are expensive, etc. Here’s the good news: we offer a fascinating, safe, truly fun tour that includes pick up at your lodging, cultural discussion of the area out to our first vineyard.

The first stop is an old Hacienda. The barns and warehouses have been converted to an  organic winemaking facility without ruining the rustic character of the property. After a tour of the lovely rancho, we taste wine! They select a sampling of their finest vintages for you to savor, along with a cheese plate.

Next we go to a vineyard so mystical, it may change your life. This is a feminine-centric, organic, self sufficient paradise. Peculiar statues of monks and nuns and gargoyles populate the peaceful area shaded by giant cedar trees. An old chapel is now a theatre. They display a meteorite that fell not too far from here! After an intimate look at their careful regimen in winemaking, we descend into a marvelous manmade wine cavern. They constructed it 46 feet down, where the temperature always remains at 55?, perfect for the aging of the wine. The whole passage down is lit with simple blue lights and is protected every ten feet or so by a statue of a solemn monk.

The tasting room is also lit in the esoteric blue light, and the room itself could be a throne room from a fantasy novel with deity faces as fountains, and dragons as caryatids. At the impressive stone bar we enjoy a flight of their best wines.

Finally we go back above ground for fresh-prepared organic lunch in a restored 19th Century Mexican kitchen. Then you can relax on the ride home in time for your afternoon siesta.

Wine can be purchased at both locations, and they can ship domestic and to the United States. We take no commission for wine sales, so you are getting the best prices. Tastings, tours, transportation are all-inclusive.

History and Culture Tour

about 2 hours – about a mile (1.8 km)

Pay-what-you-will for the public tour
Private groups by arrangement

San Miguel de Allende is known as the Cradle of the Homeland to Mexicans. It is also sacred to the original people here. Ex-pats feel comfortable here because they, themselves, helped the town to flourish when it could have become a ghost town. Our walk through the Centro will thrill you with historic intrigue, charm you with artistic abundance, give you goosebumps as we pass stunning architecture spanning five centuries.

We head through the historic Centro noting the best museums, restaurants, shops, etc. We ascend the stone street past ancient mansions and street sellers for a lovely view of the altiplano far below the town. Then we wind along cobblestone streets discovering everything from movie stars and Mexican slang to local economy and bullfighting. We pass a century old Cantina, and if the group is in the mood for a Coke or a Margarita we can make a quick stop. And they will put your drink in a go cup!

At the mystical Chorro (geyser) we recall a time when this area was the spiritual center of Native Americans in times past. We then snake down an awesome twisty staircase, following the ancient waters to stone basins where locals still do their laundry. From there we pass through shady, verdant Parque Juarez and finally we end up full-circle back in the Jardin. This is the perfect introduction to San Miguel.

Walking Ghost Tour

About 1 ½ hours. A little less than a mile. 

Pay-what-you-will for the public tour
Private groups by arrangement

All old cities seem to have their share of spooky happenings, paranormal events and just plain ghosts. Being a town of 475 years old, San Miguel de Allende has its share of oddities. This evening tour begins as the sun sets, and we meander through the ancient cobblestone streets stopping at the churches, houses, landmarks that have notable activity. These are stories that thousands of folks through the centuries have noted, even the local children know some of the more famous accounts – such as the infamous La Llorona – the faceless lady all in glowing white, like a lost bride, who murdered her children and now comes back loudly wailing her awful mistake.

This is NOT a carnival room, or a creepfest, these strange stories are reported as the tellers told them. No one is going to leap out of a corner, or anything cheesy like that. The material is appropriate for young people, though if the crowd is all grown ups, the telling may be a little more graphic.

The ideal after-dinner, or pre-bar hopping event – weird yourself out on the only Ghost Tour in San Miguel.


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